7 reasons why a mobile-ready Store will boost your sales.

Why every idea-phase startup need a mockup and/or a prototype!
April 18, 2016

#1 Answer to Customer Needs

Since the emergence of smartphones and touchpads, the usage of mobile technology is constantly and rapidly growing. A smartphone became a type of personal assistant used for various purposes and on an hourly basis and more and more people are using it to get information, check email, rent a car or – that’s right – buy things online. It is no longer a phone used for calling, it is a tiny computer that people keep in their pocket and treasure more than a wallet. While an average person reports a stolen wallet after 24 hours, the average lost phone is reported in less than 70 minutes.

Mobile phones are an important part of one’s life, people worldwide favour mobile browsers for banking transactions, local information, travel bookings, shopping, most recent sport news and blogs. Allowing customers to easily browse through your store using their mobile is of highest importance, as that is the answer to their needs, habits and expectations. By doing so, they can search your shop whenever and wherever they are. Currently, mobile phones are employed for carrying out 3 out of 5 searches, moreover, according to Mobile Marketer, 70% of searches carried out on mobiles lead to action in under an hour! For businesses it is crucial to understand that the mobile audience is already huge and it will only grow, faster and bigger with each new convenience offered by mobile technology. The study by three leading authorities Berg Insight, Morgan Stanley Research and Boston Consulting Group has concluded that Internet usage worldwide will unquestionably double from current usage levels, by the end of 2015. Half of the Internet traffic is done via mobile phones and mobile phone coupons are redeemed 10 times more often than conventional coupons.

Businesses which has no interest in being mobile-ready simply limit their abilities to sale, profit more and attract customers. A mobile application tailored especially for customer’s ease of use or at least a responsive website is absolutely crucial to stay on the online market, or, to be more precise, it is a starting kit, a must do, a default setting. If, of course, a retailer cares for their customers and wants to make good sales.

#2 Better User Experience and Google recommendations

When Google makes recommendations, marketers pay attention because Google controls a large pie (67%) of the search market share. Google’s stance on recommended mobile configuration has always been Responsive Web Design.

Google has clearly indicated its desire for mobile websites. Websites fashioned for desktops do not deliver a good user experience when accessed on a Smartphone. Google intends to prevent user frustration by providing web surfers a superior Internet experience. Due to this, more and more business enterprises will begin moving in the direction of Responsive Website Design. Surely, you wouldn't want your business enterprise to fall behind here. Remember, what works optimally for Google works optimally for your business enterprise, as well.

#3: Small Businesses Need Mobile-Friendly Website

Desktop internet browsing is becoming less popular with every year as the use of Smartphone and Tablet in Australia increases. It’s a proven truth that over 90% of mobile users search for a local business enterprise on their device, moreover, this type of searchers contact the business they query within 24 hours! Hence, if your business website is mobile-friendly, you will attract more customers (and revenue) to your business.

Some facts:

At present, over 70% of small business websites in Australia aren’t mobile-friendly. Their customers find it challenging to research and make purchases using mobile devices. Additionally, almost 90% of the small business websites do not facilitate easy viewing on the iPad. Nevertheless, small businesses can gain a competitive edge by taking the mobile challenge head-on.

#4 Convert Visitors Arriving via Mobile Devices into Loyal Customers

Try to convert as many customers which accidentally shop through your website into loyal ones. As mobile shopping is becoming increasingly popular, enabling your customers seamless online shopping experience, it would be additional boost for your revenue along with your physical store.

#5: You’ll Lose Business to Your Competitors

Generally the e-commerce market is extremely competitive so as a business owner you either have to use all of your resources or/and to be innovative to withhold that competition. It seems that while medium sized businesses established their mobile presence pretty well it is the small business sector that still needs improvements when it comes to mobile presence. Your website’s performance is extremely important – while smooth loading, times and engaging presentation will drive crowds to your sites the bad user experience will do the exact opposite.

According to Google studies, if your business lacks a mobile-friendly website, you indirectly help your competitors. A study conducted by Google reveals that:

  • Around 50% of Internet users confided that even if they favour a business enterprise, they’d use the enterprise less often if their website weren’t mobile-friendly.
  • Over 60% of users will move to your competitor’s website if they don’t find what they’re looking for on your mobile website quickly enough.
  • Almost 80% of users who aren’t impressed by the content on a mobile website will move to another website. 

#6: Lack of Engagement Results in Lost Revenue

Social media platforms tend to be better aligned with mobile websites and applications and the lack of the latter might result in the loss of the revenue and bigger business expenses. Considering that more than two-thirds of Australians own a Smartphone, the percentage of mobile-friendly websites is abysmally low (less than 20% of SMEs in Australia have mobile presence). The numbers speaks for themselves, as organizations without mobile-friendly websites lose billions of dollars in revenue. Social media are part pf the world today and people love to be able to share their favourites or to be in the know about new products or events. A mobile business website is absolutely indispensable for the Social Media Campaigns. It is that simple – you have to engage to be recognized!


#7: Being Mobile-Ready Brings More Customers

Mobile platform increases the number of ways a customer can purchase a product, so apart of having a stand-alone e-commerce website the mobile and tablet versions would draw more customers that are on the go either commuting from work or the ones who prefer hassle-free mobile experience.

An overwhelming 66% of Smartphone users said a mobile-friendly website persuades them to make a purchase. Likewise, 74% said that they would definitely revisit a mobile-friendly website.

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