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Industry specific, intuitive design which provides a smooth usage experience even for first-timer.

eCommerce functions allowing your customers to browse, save and place orders seamlessly on their mobile

EazyUpload module where seller can use the app to take product photos, upload and manage them in matters of seconds.

Integration with Google map for geolocation mapping module with live GPS tracking, similar to Uber.

Live chatting and messaging between users, where the chat model can be tailored to your needs.

Register/Logins with social media accounts such as FB & Twitter, and their profile will be pre-populated with details from those social sites.

Secured payment system where users can make purchases on their phone through PayPal or Stripe.

Push notifications module where app owner can set scheduled notice, such as promotions, to its users. And that notice will appear right on the user's' front screen.

Quick identification module where users do not need to bring any paper for IDs, just have their unique QR code on their phone scanned and all is well.

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Project Highlight:

Live News

Inspired by multiple news platform, this concept took the best features from those site, and combine them with those that are native to mobile applications.

Users are free to comment upon news post. They can upvote the best comments through favourite function. User can register their own profile and login using their facebook, twitter or google + account. In exchange, all of their details from those social sites will be transferred into the app! What's more, widgets have also been included to further extend the app capabilities, as well as allow users to add those widget most useful to them and tailored the app to their specific needs.

Completion time: 4 months