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July 8, 2015
July 7, 2015
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CBN Mobile App

Project Profile:

CBN Application

Wanna sell your phone? change your Laptop? Buy new clothes or accessories? Needing properties for sell or lease? Want to trade your car. Make money on your used stuffs. It is just as easy as taking a photo. One click to sell and another click to buy with more than 300,000 users all over the country.

Available on iTunes Store:

Process: Completed (6 months)

CanBanNhanh or CBN, is a mobile application our affiliated development team created for businesses on various scale to display their products/services online, through all type of mobile devices.The app was created after several months of hard work, with functions such as:

GPS system that can locate stores/sellers near searcher or

An easy product showcase system where seller can choose to upload the product photo on their device or take a photo and have it automatically added to the product profile.

CBN currently standing among the top apps in Vietnam, with about 300,000 users currently. We are modifying CBN for the Australian market. Please wait for further update on CBN Australia.

Available platform: IOS, Android

Compatible with: Apple iPhones/iPads/iPad Minis, Microsoft Windows phones/tablets, Android phones/tablets.