From 2D/3D animations, to actual live footages for Television Video Commercial advertising, our crews can cater to them all!

Our crew can help you with the entire process, from brainstorming ideas, refining scripts, coming up with storyboard, to finalize the completed video!


Project Highlight:

Liquor Walker Demo

This luxurious beverage promotion demo is one of our proudest creations. We have great ideas for the beverage industry so we thought we should create a demo one to showcase our skills.

Completion time: 24 weeks


Project Highlight:

Student Agency Introduction Animation

StudentAgengy wishes to connect to more Vietnamese students thus we created for them a promotional video in Vietnamese, but with a more Australian drawing style.
When we have the ideas, we have to evaluate them with the targeted audiences. And in this case, we had to speak with a number of students to understand what would appeal to them the most - to make sure our video leave a lasting impressions on them!

Completion time: 7 weeks


Project Highlight:

Transformer Demo

This is another project that we have been really proud of! Ever since the Transformers came out in 2007, we have been asking ourselves if we could pull off those stunning effects and may be apply them into a commercial video advertising!
After years of learning and improving our skills, we have finally done it!

Completion time: 8 months


Project Highlight:

MB360 Introduction Video

MB360 is a POS software company that wishes to showcase their business and their entire process through a series of 3 animations. This is the first, which leans more toward introducing the business and their system general details.

Completion time: 6 weeks


Project Highlight:

The Making Of Transformer

We wanted to prove that we have actually done the Transformer video above! This quick look at our process in the making will help you have a closer look at our capabilities.

Completion time: 8 months


Project Highlight:

MB360 Mobile Pay System

This is the 2nd video among MB360 series of 3 promotional animation. After hearing MB360 requirements and visions, we then took note and evaluate every single ideas we could came up with.
Then we produced a storyboard with a few selected ideas. And finally, created this animation with actual screenshots of MB360 POS system.

Completion time: 5 weeks


Project Highlight:

GreenTeaInCan TVC Advertising

We have been thinking about the process of modern, rather futuristic labeling while making this 3D Television Video Commercial video. To please our client whom prefer quality over quantity, we made this video short but packs with the strongest message: Greentea now serve in can!

Completion time: 5 months


Project Highlight:

MidAutumn 3D Animation

MidAutumn was created to celebrate the beautiful time of Autumn while creatively introduce HTV3 - one of Vietnam's largest television broadcasting channel.
All of the effects and illustrations, such as the star lanterns and lotus flowers, were created with close references to Vietnam's cultures - which gives a unique sense for the video.

Completion time: 3 months